What Are Denture Adjustments?

Even with complete dentures, you still need regular dental checkups. This ensures your dentures continue to fit properly, and allows your dentist to notice signs of trouble. In addition, humans tend to adjust quickly, even when experiencing discomfort. An issue with your dentures may exist that you just don’t notice.

New dentures typically require adjustment due to corrections that are only possible after the patient wears the dentures. This early period reveals areas of the mouth incapable of handling the pressure of the dentures. From here, your provider determines the need for alterations to the prosthetic.

Over time, the natural changes to your mouth often require adjustments to your dentures. If they require a reline, this may in turn require an adjustment a few months later.

Continue visiting your dentist every six months to ensure proper denture health. If it’s been a while, contact Dr. Pease today to schedule an appointment.

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